Do you know about the mode  of hustling and burning out? That´s the moment, many wonderful guys work and live their life! And I think, everyone knows about this tiring way of living!

But what, if….

…the universe works strange in a different way?

… in unlocking your high potential, life could so extraordinary miracle

….wishes and manifestations finally in every moment get´s realy true

… your life growth up- extraordinary, full of health and deeply diving in abundance ?

You think, that´s nice! But it´s not true!

Or: I know, i can see it in the life of many people. But it doesn´t work for me!

Than is it now your calling!

YOUR CALLING to change it!

Let´s change the hard way of life

in your big quantum leap!


Your are lovely selected!

Selected to come to planet earth!

Seleceted, because you´ve decided to come exactly in this life!

Before your where born!

I know- sometimes these words sounds very hard! Especially if your life is full of hard challenges- perhaps since your birth!

I deeply can understand you!

But this is the truth about being on earth!

The good thing: You are here, to learn creating your own paradise! To leave the hard way! The troubeling way! the aching and painful  way!

Now it´s your calling!

Your are here- on my website!


Not because of an coincidence!

Because coincidence don´t exist!

You are here to release your whole past!

To heal your past!

Even to recognize, also in the past were so many gifts for you- for the present. (Sometimes this part need time, but don´t give up!)

And to realize that your are the one and only holy divine creator of your own life!

And yes, you are the one, who always manifest. Always manifestet your past, your present and your future: But normaly in a very unconsciouness way!

And now it´s time to manifest your life of your big dreams! And manifest since now only your way of living

you realy want to live!

Are you ready?

Ready for your big dreams?

For the best fulfillest life you´ve ever dreamed!

For your loveliest partner of love! For limitless freedom !

For your Millions- Money flowing easily in your life!

For the most wonderful and miracle places in the world!


what ever your biggest visions you shown inside!!!!

 The miracle behind getting the extraordinary life you want to live is:

1. Dream big
2. Connect with your biggest vision!
3. Unfold your highest potential – your divine Godess-Energy
4. Feel it
5. Take action and make the steps forward

The big challenge behind:

To come up in the frequency of your big visions, you have to rise up your wonderful inner frequency light in the same frequency of your vision!
In other words:
It´s time to heal all old wounds inside!
Embrase your dark shadow!
Forgive others- mostly yourself.
Release everything you don´t need any longer! Material- and unmaterial!
Stop Self-Sabotage !
Throwing out all external energy!
RECONNECT with your highest divine being!
Fuse completly with the universe! Re-activate your whole high-sensitiv huge multi-dimensional potential!
Trust depply in you and the universe!  Means: There are no longer doupts and fear!
And go for your dreams- no matter what!

That´s the way how your frequencies EVER rise up!

And your visions become REALITY!

Hi, I´m Ruth,

I´m Vision-Coach, Money Coach and Manifest-Coach.

In the short form: Divinity- Coach.

I work over 12 years as  high-sensitive Coach with the tools of energetic healing, talking / channeling to the whole universe- also to souls and entitys all around the universe. My way of working and being is realy multi-dimensional and in the highest level of energy- the goddess- energy!
My highest expertise in this way of working is, to get deep inside the shadow sides, the wounded side, the hidden energies, which also are in your energetic field- and also create your reality. Mostly not the wanted one! More the one of trouble, pain and struggle!

And to heal them- with you!

To get peace in all of you!

To open up the real feeling of freedom and infinity!

Can you imagine, what will happen, if you are realy deeply reconnectet with yourself!

No longer the feeling of separation to you- and the universe?

YES: That´s the moment you are so deeply in you, your biggest dreams! And in this stage: YOU WILL KNOW, WHAT YOUR NEXT STEPS OF DOING ARE!