#1 What is the „golden timeline“-Vision?

What, if you come not for the small, smart life! Instead of this, for the PERFECT LIFE! That means, for big dreams, big visions and big goals. That´s your „golden timeline“?  Perhaps you want to know, how this could be reality? Is it realy possible? Is it for all people possible? As well as for you?
And how you can switch form you Now-Timeline (that´s the timelin you actually live) to your golden timeline. In which moment you´ve decided to create such a perfect life. And what it need, to switch from one to another timeline included the strugglings between. This- and so much more can you find in this podcast episode #1.  Have fun!

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What is the golden timeline


Music: Epidemicsound.com/ES_I Bet You’re Cold (Instrumental Version); Gamma Skies

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