Welcome to my world of miracles, freedom and living life on your golden timeline!

THE TIMELINE with you biggest visions about your life!

THE TIMELINE you realy incarnatet for!

Hi, my name is Ruth.
I´m a high sensitive Conscious  Coach with the gift to let you dream your highest dream of your blueprint potential and make your golden timeline dreams become lively reality.
My clairvoyant skills empower me to read in your lovely energy field- the field of now, your actually life AND also in all past lifes, to identify the lack of „why  it doesn´t work for you“ to live a fullfilled and abundant life yet!
Mostly there are so many reasons, why you are struggeling with life in this moment. Reasons about your past childhood, about your lack of alllowing and receiving, about past incarnations, about recognizing your own values inside, about trusting you deeply- you and the universe, about… .
But also mostly, if you now why, and above all how you can change it or delete the old stories, your life become the biggest change in a realy short time. The change in your golden happy and fullfilled life you´ve ever dreamt  of!

Are you ready for your fullfilled abundant and extraordinary life?

So often we think our past dominates our present and future. And our feeling is, you can´t change anything. It´s Karma or fate!
But what, if karma don´t exist? What, if you have -of course- a past, but the past don´t influence your now any longer?
What, if you can heal all your older wounds, often only in making a big descision? The descision looking foward, going for your and your big dreams!
Seems to be a very hard way?
The trues ist, to be longer on your actually timeline, doing things you doint love, be with others who don´t understand you, that´s the hard way!
That´s living life- half! But not realy alive! Still a little bit in the energy of to be bored and death! And far away from a life of pure fulfillment and abundant!
What do you realy want to live?
What will you tell yourself at the end of your days?
„Never tried to live my life really?“
„Never dared risk for changing my life?“
Most people will tell these stories of the end of their day!



In my world karma and fate and ,…. what ever! don´t exist!

Your are born knowing nothing, to live- every time- the most extraordinary life you now can believe!
And this wonderful gift of the universe is in everyone of us!
Your are the Magican!
Your are the Queen!
Your are the Divine Creator of your life!
And you can get EVERYTHING and live EVERYTHING what you want!
That´s why you are on earth! To create your own life of your biggest wishes!



Are you ready for liberating youself?

Are you ready for making this big descision? Going for you?

Pushing all inner  and outside boundaries to free yourself?

Falling in love with you and your deepest trust?

Opening yourself for the craziest co-creations with the universe?


It´s no  coincidence that you found my side!

For me, coincidence doesn´t exist! Your are every time on the right place!
Not for suffer longer the life you live!  But to feel inside yourself and to reconnect you with your highest potential! To creat- in this being- the best life you come for!
You are here to create your loveliest paradies yourself! Thats the gift which slumbers in everyone of us!
But mostly people don´t know about there real divine skills and creation power!
Now- you´ve read my text- you know about it! Something leads you to me! And in my world of desire, wishes, and embodiment your divine being! You can feel the infinitve expands from the universe! You probably you can now suspect, what that meant for you!


Because I think, you can be everybody, live everthing you realy want to live and the universe loves you sooo much, to make your big gifts- every moment of your live!
In my world exists only abundance, fulfillment and miracles! That´s why we really incarnatet!