Warmly Welcome in my world

of miracles, fulfilled life, abundance and joy!

What ever you will do in a way of ease, joy and abundance, it began with your vision.

Naturally the deepest one. THE ONE why your are incarnatet!

The answer of all your why´s inside you, never calm down and get peace.

In the space of deep connection- to your higher being-

AND to the universe, you will find all answers for all your question inside you!

And yes, this deep connection will show you easily your way

-step by step- how you can dive in your real life of abundance and joy.

It´s the way of miracles, deep inner connection with all

the ONENESS and it feels like your way home to paradise!

Till you will beginn to create your own abundant paradise!

Are you ready for the first step?

Feel you warmly welcome in my „golden timeline meditation“

THE ONE meditation

which connect you deeply with your golden timeline

and your biggest vision for this life!

It´s free- so yes: Log in and get it, my georgous QUEEN!

Hi, I´m Ruth,

I´m Vision-Coach, Money Coach and Manifest-Coach.

In the short form: Divinity- Coach.

I work over 12 years as  high-sensitive Coach with the tools of energetic healing, talking / channeling to the whole universe- also to souls and entitys all around the universe. My way of working and being is realy multi-dimensional and in the highest level of energy- the goddess- energy!
My highest expertise in this way of working is, to get deep inside the shadow sides, the wounded side, the hidden energies, which also are in your energetic field- and also create your reality. Mostly not the wanted one! More the one of trouble, pain and struggle!

And to heal them- with you!

To get peace in all of you!

To open up the real feeling of freedom and infinity!

Can you imagine, what will happen, if you are realy deeply reconnectet with yourself!

No longer the feeling of separation to you- and the universe?

YES: That´s the moment you are so deeply in you, your biggest dreams! And in this stage: YOU WILL KNOW, WHAT YOUR NEXT STEPS OF DOING ARE!